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Why do I need to registrate myself

To help you find the best food or promotion trailer who fit exactly your needs, you can make several configurations by yourself without buying anything. To store your configurations, to print and to change it later, you need to make a account. Your personal data will just be used to process your order. 

I do not buy this product in internet

We realize that you not want to buy a food or promotion trailer at the internet and that is not our objective neither. Our webshop is just to use it as a time saver and as a filter. At the moment that you are ready for it,  you are more than welcome to visit our showroom

What should I do after I made the online offer?

When you finished your internet offer, you can make more configurations until the offer fit your needs. After you finished you can log out of the shop and our system will redirect you to our showroom appointment system.

How can I make a showroom appointment

Smartwagon offers you 2 options to visit our showroom. 

1 To visit fysical and personal our showroom in Benissa 

2. Virtual showroom visit

If your home destination is to far away from our showroom, you can request first a virtual showroom appointment, where you can walk trough the showroom during a 30 m minutes guided tour.

Both appointments you can book online on our website.

What is the process after i have ordered?

When you have ordered your trailer, you have to pay 50% of the total order amount, before we can start the production. After we ‘ve received the down payment, we start to design the interior, the exterior wrapping and the production process.


How long is the delivery time?

The delivery time will take 12 weeks.

We produce the cascos of our trailers in China. We order new production batches on weekly base. The production takes 3 to 4 weeks, after which our semi-finished products are transported by sea containers to the port of Valencia.

The sea and road transport to our factory in Benissa takes approximately 5 weeks.

After the sea containers with the semi-finished products have arrived in Benissa, we plan the final assembly.

The trailers are first sprayed in the desired color and provided with a layer of protective transparent varnish. After the painting process the cabin will be placed on the chassis and finishing the interior, electricity, kitchen machines and finally the decoration wrapping, what will take 2 weeks.


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